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When Is The Ideal Time To Send Your Corporate Christmas Gifts?

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The ideal time to send your corporate Christmas gifts is definitely something to keep in mind. With delivery services stretched to full capacity at Christmas, there are a few things to consider when sending your corporate Christmas gifts to employees and clients. Whether luxury and high-end, to small bespoke gifts, or the traditional hampers, all these gifts have one thing in common – They need to arrive on time.

So, when is the ideal time to send your corporate Christmas gifts?

Beginning of December

Having your gifts delivered the first week in December throughout Ireland is ideal as they will be there in good time before people finish up for the Christmas holidays.  People are starting to get into the Christmas spirit and wind down for the holidays, so your gift is keeping you front of mind whilst this is happening. Remember, if your corporate Christmas gifts are being sent throughout Europe or further afield, you will need to be a lot more organised. Check with your delivery service or the gifting agency you are working with for the cut off dates.  If you are doing your corporate Christmas gifts in-house, make sure you have checked what products can be sent, check out our blog here on tips for shipping.

New Year gifts

This is a great time to send your gifts if you have not already sent your employee and client gifts out by the end of November or beginning of December. Towards the end of December, people will be receiving lots of presents and yours may be lost amongst the others so may not be having the same impact. People returning to work from the Christmas holidays are either feeling refreshed and ready to go or a bit sluggish after the Christmas blow out, so either way it’s a win win. It will be an unexpected surprise and keep your company top of mind. We definitely recommend starting off the new year by showing your employees and clients how truly appreciated they are for the year ahead.

We hope this has helped you plan your Christmas gifting timeframe in advance. When will you be aiming to ship your gifts by?

Nicky Fox

Nicky Fox

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