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Meet Melodie – Vixi Gifting’s Creative Director

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There are many roles to be filled here at Vixi Gifting, but at the heart of it all you will find Melodie, Vixi Gifting’s Creative Director, driving the whole team on. Creating the website from scratch, to all the design and curation of our boxes through endless hours of research into the products that we use, she has taken on many hats since starting Vixi. She excels in all that she does, and deserves more titles, including in-house photographer, web designer and team leader. Her extensive graphic design background, working with clients from all walks of life and industries, has made her a salmon of knowledge when knowing what people want and the attention to detail and creativity required.

Looking to know more about Vixi Gifting’s Creative Director? Here are three facts you may not have known about her…

She has patience in abundance

Melodie has patience in abundance! A true perfectionist who takes pride in everything she does, her attention to detail along with her design knowledge has really given Vixi Gifting an edge when curating gift boxes that work well and are visually appealing for the gram. If you have a vision you need brought to life, Melodie is your girl.

Too organised – well for Fenella anyway!

Melodie is definitely the Monica Geller of the team, she loves nothing more than to organise. Her files on Dropbox and Trello are endless, as so too is her to-do list. She loves nothing more than to procrastinate by organising her already organised files! She definitely keeps the ship running smoothly and ensures nobody gets overwhelmed because she’s always ahead of the game.

She works late into the night

Definitely the night owl of the business, you may get a WhatsApp message from her at 1am telling us that files have been updated. If she is not working on Vixi late into the night, she will be working on her other passion which is painting. A former student of NCAD where she studied Graphic Design, she also dabbled in painting. Check out her Insta @melodiefoxart, you will not be disappointed, her art is incredible.

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know Melodie! We’re always so grateful to have her guiding the team.

Nicky Fox

Nicky Fox

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