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Corporate Gifts And The Importance Of Quality Checking Your Products

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Your corporate gifts are on track to be put together. After much thought, organising and planning, all of the fabulous products you have ordered for putting that perfect gift together have arrived. So what is next? A very important next step is the quality check!

Why is quality checking so important?

You must check each and every delivery that you have received. Do not just leave them lying there, unopened in their boxes until the day when you are starting to assemble your gifts. We cannot stress enough that each product needs to be thoroughly quality checked way ahead of time. This is just incase you have have any issues with your orders. You could have been sent the wrong product (this has happened to us before with a miscommunication on both sides.) Products could have been damaged in transit, or there may not be the quantity you ordered. You should always allow yourself time to get any issues sorted.

Should you order more products than required?

At the beginning of each project, we always over-order on each individual products. The amount we over-order by depends on the size of the project. Also sometimes this would depend on whether we have to order a product by the case load. E.g. We have a project of 100 gift boxes and the chocolates we are using come in 10 bars per case? We will order in 110 bars of chocolate. This will give you flexibility with numbers. If you have any last minute names added to your gifting list, you have products there to make up an extra gift box or two. This is definitely a good idea as in the long run it will save you money. If your gifting list gets longer and you end up ordering more products, you will have to pay the courier charge twice.

At Vixi HQ, we always have two of us working on the quality check for our corporate gifts. When we are unpacking product supplies there are numerous roles to be filled.  One of us is opening the delivery, counting and checking numbers of products and unpacking them. The second person is then double checking each product for any breakages, marks or imperfections. This is all done before storing them in the place where they are easily accessible for when we start the process of packing the gift boxes.

Product tips for your corporate gifts:

If you are using any form of books or notebooks in your corporate gifts, make sure to flip through each one of them as you would be surprised by the amount of times we have found pages of books that are upside down!

With candles, we always open the lids and make sure the wicks are in good condition and there is no marks in the wax.

If you are using any food products, please make sure that they are stored at the required temperature, especially if you have chocolate, make sure that the room is not too hot for it.

This whole process of quality checking can seem time consuming, but we promise it will put your mind at ease, knowing that you are all ready to get gifting, without any last minute stress.

Nicky Fox

Nicky Fox

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