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How To Make Sure Your Gift Is Packaged To Perfection

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We believe packing gifts is an art form – From ensuring your gift is perfectly presented, to making sure it arrives at its destination in the same condition you shipped it off in. We want you to have confidence in your own packaging process, so here are our top tips for how to make sure your gift is packaged to perfection.

Let’s start with packing the gifts

Whatever you may be sending, make sure it is nice and tightly secured in the gift packaging, whether that be a luxury gift box, gift hamper basket, mailer box, or envelope. This can be achieved by using shredded paper for a more luxurious finish, or just plain old and trusted bubble wrap (making a concerted effort where possible to use sustainable packaging). That gift is going on a long journey and being handled by many people who are not so sentimentally attached as you are.

If you are using shredded paper in a gift box, make sure the gift box is filled to the brim and then nestle your products into the shred, paying particular attention to the sides of the box around the edges of your products so there is no room for anything to move.

A top tip for checking this is when you have assembled the gift and you think it is good to go into its outer mailer packaging, give it a little shake to see if you can feel or hear anything moving around. If so, put a little more filler to secure it better, especially if there is anything delicate or breakable. 

If you are using a gift box with a lift-off lid, you can use a sleeve branded with your company logo, or ribbon with a gift tag wrapped around the gift box to give it double security from opening.

With a mailer box, make sure it is closed correctly and you can also give it an extra seal by using a sticker that can incorporate your company branding.

Into the outer mailer box we go

Firstly, for luxury gift boxes and hampers with delicate or breakable objects inside, we would advise using double walled cardboard boxes as they are thicker than single walled, a lot more cushioned and durable for the long journey ahead.

Before you place your gift box into your assembled mailer box which you have securely taped together, it is a good idea to place some sort of cushioning in the bottom of the box like paper void fill or bubble wrap (you can now get paper bubble wrap if you would prefer but would recommend you would need to use more of this.) We would advise if there is a lot of breakable or delicate items in the gift box to wrap the gift box in bubble wrap before putting it into the mailer box. Then secure the gift box once inside the mailer by filling any voids with paper to stop the gift moving around.

After having closed the outer mailer box and saying goodbye to your gift, be sure to tape the mailer box well and then put Fragile and This way up stickers all around the box. From experience, some of the couriers don’t seem to read them, but at least it makes us think we have done the best we could and taken every precaution on our side of things.

Or an outer envelope

If you are using a strong mailer box for packing gifts and you do not have any delicate or breakable products inside, you can wrap your box in bubble wrap or void paper and then place it into an outer mailer bag. This is not as bulky or as time consuming as assembling outer boxes, but still remember to put your Fragile and This way up stickers on the outside.

Finally, the shipping label

After you have taken all of these steps for packaging gifts, don’t forget to attach your shipping label which you can sellotape onto the top of the box if you do not have a label printer.

Note that if you are using An Post, it is advisable to have a discreet sticker with a return address on just incase your parcel gets lost or has to be returned to you.

Now that your parcel is in the trusted hands of your courier, you can sit back, relax and wait to see how much people loved your gifts after so much of your thought and care went into.

How did you find this blog? Do you feel you now have a better knowledge about packaging gifts and making sure it is done to perfection?

Nicky Fox

Nicky Fox

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