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Increasing Virtual Event Engagement With Gifting

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Virtual events have been huge over the past year with more people than ever working from home. Everybody became very used to Zoom and occasions could be celebrated outside of the office. We have no doubt that virtual events will continue to take huge place in our work lives, especially now that we know they work so well. However, if there is something we could all continue to improve on for our virtual events, it would be our virtual event engagement. As the initial hype of Zoom dies down, we are all looking for fresh ways to keep employees/clients engaged in the event.

Thinking of increasing virtual event engagement with gifting? Check out our top tips below for your next virtual event.

Choose your theme

A theme can be the perfect way to add a fun twist/vibe to your virtual event. Focusing on a team element, it is a way to bring everybody together and create a recurring relatability throughout the event. Perhaps you opt for a breakfast theme, a relaxation twist, or add a specific quote to mark the occasion. It is a talking point and ensures everybody is on the same wave length, marking a memorable day with a consistent, statement theme.

Overall engagement

To keep everybody engaged, they need to be hooked from the get-go. From the moment they receive their gift, elements of suspense and excitement should be present. For example, you could add a “Don’t open until ____” sticker to get their minds working in the build up to the event. Or you could curate a gift box of products that are engaging overall e.g. a puzzle. You could also add a branded notecard/marketing materials. Perhaps you will feature information about the event, a guide for the day, or a thank you message. Your gift should make its way into the heart, whilst also getting people talking.

Brand tastefully

Tasteful branding has impact, and therefore can make a gift extremely memorable. Think a coffee cup or notebook, wouldn’t you feel so welcome and included in an event if the host has gifted you a branded keepsake? As well as this, both of these items can be used during the event, which will keep excitement high and people engaged. You don’t need to brand everything, remember that very often, less is more.

Increasing virtual event engagement with gifting is a contemporary idea for the times we are in. Have you been enjoying virtual events? Is gifting an element you might consider adding?

Check out more tips in our corporate gifting guide here.

Fenella Fox

Fenella Fox

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