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Corporate Christmas Gifts: Vixi Gifting’s Top Tips

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Corporate Christmas gifts can feel overwhelming right? Well, it really is the most wonderful time of the year, so let your corporate gifting experience be an enjoyable one. Once you break down the logistics and build on the vision, things seem to fall into place. Here are our top tips on how to ace your corporate gifting game this Christmas.

Know your budget

Such an important starting point, your budget lays the foundations early on for the entire gifting process. Once you have a budget, it’s a solid structure that you can work around to curate gifts that really bring your budget to life.

Be organised in advance

Christmas is such a busy time of the year for every company, retailer and courier. Therefore, it can lead to stress and disappointment if you’re chasing your ideal Christmas gifts too late. By diving into your corporate gifting early, it ensures you don’t miss the window for creating the impact you have in mind. There’s more time to plan the most creative ideas and everything will run more smoothly e.g. the delivery process. Our advice is to not put it off, get on it in good time so the worries don’t have time to creep in.

Think outside of the box

Take risks! A truly memorable gift is something that makes a lasting impression. You could work with a specific theme, curate really innovative products, or incorporate your branding in a creative way. Which element will ensure your gift goes down as a favourite during the most generous time of the year?

Be creative with colour

Corporate Christmas gifts don’t all have to follow a traditional colour scheme. Sure, they can if you want to, but wouldn’t a different angle really make them pop? Use your brand colours or an overall richer colour scheme to curate Christmas gifts that are truly unique to your voice and message.

Let your vision guide you

It’s the little details curated together that make a big impact, a gift doesn’t need to be overcomplicated to make it unique and memorable. Let your vision guide the gifting process, whether that’s a certain theme, your branding, or the emotion you want each gift to spark. Take each step at a time and keep working with your own vision to ensure each corporate gift gives out the message you truly want it to.

We would be happy to help you with your Corporate Christmas gifts or any enquiries you may have. Check out our corporate gifting catalogue here.

Fenella Fox

Fenella Fox

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