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Custom Gifting For Events: Why Your Company Needs To Get On Board

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Custom gifting for events is a must. Whether you’re planning a virtual event or planning a celebration with your office team, the details are important. Having worked on custom gifting solutions for many occasions, here at Vixi Gifting we wanted to share the importance of highlighting the day with custom gifts.

What’s a celebration without a gift?

Maybe that sounds obvious, but it’s true! Gifts add extra impact and memorable moments to occasions and celebrations. Whether you’re the gifter or the recipient, or shipping throughout Ireland or abroad. Each experience always ends in a smile and expressing thanks. This is exactly what your events should encompass to give the attendees the best experience possible.

It becomes memorable

Having something to take away with you from the event means that it stays with you. This creates a memory people will reflect on when thinking about the organisation/business in future. You want people to bring home a keepsake that will remind them of their feelings on the day. Think a travel mug or candle. It’s also a lovely idea to gift something that can be enjoyed straight away for that instant feel-good factor. We recommend some yummy treats or a bespoke coffee blend. To make an event as memorable as possible, your gifts need to remind them of the specific day, even after the occasion has come to an end.

Make it yours

To really give your all to your event/occasion, you need to own it. By adding custom gifts into the mix, you have full control over what is being sent out and received when it comes to the vibe around your event. The colour palette, marketing materials and product curation will be welcomed by everyone involved so by making your mark you have power over the message that is going out. Is your event vibrant and fun? Gentle and muted? Sustainably conscious? Health focused? Curating your custom gifts ensures everybody knows the answer to these questions, as well as you.

To add value

No matter people’s roles in the event, everybody will feel appreciated and valued if they all have something to take home with them from the event. Whether they’re behind the scenes with the details or a speaker on the day, you are giving equal appreciation to each and every person who made the event possible, which is keeping morale high even after the event ends. Overall, it’s a really valuable way to give them something to talk about during and after the big day.

For those Zoom meetings and events

In recent times, Zoom meetings and the ability to work from home has taken over the corporate scene for many people. This can make it difficult to highlight events as you previously would have in the office. With distance comes fresh thinking, and a custom gift shipped to their doorstep ensures the same excitement arrives with an event that is happening from home, as it previously would have in the workplace. Put yourself into their shoes, wouldn’t you just love to have an unexpected gift arrive before a zoom call with your co-workers? Because we know we would.

Do you use custom gifting for events? We would love to know, what areas do you think the gifts really bring value to? For fresh inspiration, you can check out our corporate catalogue here.

Fenella Fox

Fenella Fox

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