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Corporate Gifting Tips: Three Ways To Ensure Your Employees Know Who Sent Them Their Custom Gift

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Corporate gifting tips are always well received, and we know this is one that is so important! A great surprise always goes down well, but sometimes within the hype it’s easy to forget to add your mark to let them know who actually sent them their gift. This can be disappointing after so much thought went into the gift. Nobody wants the unboxing experience to meet confusion when the recipient wants to enjoy it but has no idea where it came from. Although it may seem obvious, this is something that people can very easily forget to do.

Therefore, here are our top solutions for ensuring they know exactly where the gift has come from. So whether you’re sending the gifts from Ireland or elsewhere, there will be no confusion. Just an experience that can be enjoyed to its full potential.

Incorporate your branding

This can be done subtly but with striking impact. Opting for a branded gift box, choosing a branded gift tag, or adding subtle branded elements to the products ensures that they instantly know who the gift has been sent by. Therefore, they are aware of the brand during a large part of the unboxing process. They will instantly associate that feel-good factor with your brand.

An added notecard

In each gift, the touch of a notecard keeps things personal and is the perfect way to get your message across. It’s always a lovely feeling to receive a personalised note, and logical too. A notecard can make things very clear and straight-forward, by adding your branding or signing off with a specific name.

Ship it to the workplace

Rather than shipping to numerous addresses, many companies may choose to have the gifts shipped directly to the one workplace. This may not be the easiest option for every company, especially during Covid, but if you do have the space and capacity to store these gifts for a short time, it may be of great benefit. This ensures everybody receives their gift in person, at the same time, and there is no possibility of confusion about where the gift came from.

We hope these three steps have reminded you of the importance of knowing who has sent each gift. Which option would you opt for? Perhaps all three, but just remember, less is always more when it comes to branded elements in your gifts!

Check out our blog here for more information on Corporate Gifting. Do you have any Corporate gifting tips that you swear by?

Fenella Fox

Fenella Fox

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