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Corporate Gifting and Keeping Your Business Top of Mind During Off-Peak Times

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Keeping your business top of mind during off-peak times is so important. In every start-up and larger scale business, there are times during the year when business slows down. This is when we may experience what is known as a lull time. It can be tricky to know how to stay top of mind during this time. This is because you may not be working as closely with your clients as you normally would be throughout other periods of the year.

How can corporate gifting help?

That’s where corporate gifting comes in! It bridges the gap between the lull and the buzz. A carefully curated and expertly branded corporate gift ensures your business won’t be left behind when your busiest season comes to an end. Therefore, it will help with keeping your business top of mind during off-peak times. Combining the personality of your client with a keen attention to detail, a corporate gift may land in just the right place. Perhaps on the desk of a client planning for the months ahead, this will ensure that your brand continues to make a statement even when the usual relations may not be currently present.

You want your brand to be the one they turn to over and over again, no matter what the reason may be. To ensure this relationship is there, networking is key. A corporate gift is a thoughtful gesture that reminds your clients why they were working with you in the first place. It shows your level of care and the personalised element tastefully lets them know how much you have familiarised yourself with their business.

It makes a difference, an unboxing experience may just be the thing that keeps you on a level above the rest, as business relations are going through a resting period.

Did you ever consider Corporate Gifting as a tool to keep your business top of mind? If not, will you look into implementing it?

If you would like some inspiration, check out our Corporate page here.

Fenella Fox

Fenella Fox

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