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Employee Gifting During Covid: Why Is It So Important?

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Employee gifting during Covid is a topic we have really grown familiar with over the past year. We know that 2021 has also welcomed the uncertainty of 2020, and this impact has hit businesses in many ways. Therefore we have all had to adjust to the new normal. With more people working from home and feeling the strain of the Pandemic, a kind gesture can be a brilliant way to boost employee morale. It can also remind them just how appreciated they are, despite the challenges life is throwing at everybody.

When it comes to employee gifting during Covid, even though hope is on the horizon as restrictions start to ease and vaccines are being rolled out, we’re not quite there yet. So, why might you decide to send your employees a thoughtful gift? We have put this piece together to let you know why we believe employee gifting during Covid is so important.

To mark an occasion

There are so many events and occasions going on during the year, it can be a real pity that some of these cannot be celebrated in traditional ways. However, this does not mean they cannot be recognised in some way. Whether it’s to mark a company milestone, replacing a cancelled summer party, or a way of celebrating a finished project, a gift can become the link between old and new ways of marking these events. While your employees may not be together, sending each of them an identical gift will become a hot talking topic over the zoom meetings. It keeps people connected and ensures your employees that while you are aware of the distance, it isn’t a barrier. This gift can incorporate your branding and marketing materials so that their home office feels just like the one they have always known.

To boost employee morale

Anxieties can be high as uncertainty continues, so a random act of kindness can be just the thing to add a burst of positivity and sense of ease to your employee’s work day. From herbal tea and a tasty coffee, to a collection of tasty treats, it’s a surprise that can be shipped directly to their doorstep. As working from home can make days feel quite long and fall into the next, a surprise gift can be something different to look forward to during the day. It will remind them just how much you appreciate their hard work, especially during the strange times we are in.

Employee retention

We know the importance of employee retention in businesses, both big and small. Companies are always looking for new strategies and ways to improve on their retention levels. Gifting can be a really good place to start with this, whether it’s a once-off gift or happens at intervals throughout the year. Communicating your appreciation and brand values with a gift is a strategy that really boosts morale. It also gives benefit to your employees, ensuring they feel valued and secure in their role within your company.

As part of the onboarding process

When welcoming new employees, of course you want to show them how excited you are for them to become part of the team. During Covid you may not physically be there to express this, but a gift can be. By adding gifting to your onboarding process, your new employees will be starting their journey with you on a high note. Overall, a gift can make the experience seem less daunting to new employees and have them feeling confident and valued from the get-go, which is the exact energy every employer wants to give to their team.

To show gratitude

A little appreciation goes a long way! Do you let your employees know enough just how grateful you are to have them? A gift can say it all, and using your own branded marketing materials can make a big statement that they will remember for years to come. Gifting is an opportunity to keep people connected and express thanks when people may need it the most, and the best part is, there doesn’t always need to be a specific reason to gift.

We would love to know, have you found Covid has changed your approach to Corporate Gifting? Which areas do you feel it brings the most value to?

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Fenella Fox

Fenella Fox

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