What Is Holding You Back From Chasing That Dream?

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When we said dream, I’m sure something instantly popped to mind for you. That thing is your calling, it’s where your heart is.

It took us a long time to build and launch Vixi Gifting, we had setbacks along the way but something kept us going. We were surrounding ourselves with people who inspired us and we had to adjust our mindsets to power through fear at times.

So, what were the things that held us back? The things that we had to work through to learn and become stronger. 

For Mel, it was perfectionism! Always having an attention to detail, at times she worried what other people may think if her work wasn’t up to scratch.

For Fe, it was anxiety! Always being a worrier, she spends a lot of time focusing on the “What ifs?” which can create bigger problems in her mind.

For Nicky, time was the issue! Always being on the go with her hairdressing salon and keeping everything running at home, she is used to working under pressure but struggled to juggle it all.

So, how did we turn these into positives to drive the business to success rather than into the ground? It’s all about how you look at it!

Attention to detail means Mel cares about her work, which is a good thing! She now accepts that she is her own biggest critic, because we know she is amazing.

With a strong team around her, Fe always feels reassured by sharing her worries. Getting a structure and routine in place has also helped to calm her mind.

On reflection, Nicky manages her time better by realising that she can do anything, but not everything! Tomorrow is a new day and this is okay.

It’s all about how you look at your traits, these things shape who you are and have many positive aspects. Embrace the person you are and go for it! We only get one life. 

Melodie Fox

Melodie Fox

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