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Long-Distance Friendships: How To Keep The Spark Alive

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Ah, long-distance friendships. We’ve all experienced them at some point. The love hasn’t gone anywhere but life has just sent us on different paths which aren’t crossing as often. Sometimes it can be hard to know how to keep the spark of a long-distance friendship alive, especially if you spent a lot of time together before. We’ve compiled some of our top tips, to make sure distance isn’t impacting your relationship with someone you love so much!

Mark the birthdays / occasions in your calendar

By remembering when a significant event/occasion is coming up, you can make sure you’re on top of getting in on the celebrations. Maybe you decide to send a card or gift for a birthday, you aren’t on Facebook so will miss the reminder, or know there is a key event that a phonecall is needed for. The small gesture of showing you care will continuously relight the magic of the friendship because it shows that the bond is still strong, even if you’re oceans or counties apart.

Reach out every few weeks

You just never know when somebody needs a little pick-me-up! By reaching out every few weeks you’re keeping each other in the loop with your separate lives but also showing how much you still mean to each other. Let’s face it, we all love hearing from a friend when we’re not expecting it. A long-distance friendship can be so tricky at times.

Plan visits ahead

Prevent life getting in the way too much by planning things in advance. This could be big things such as birthdays, or even just a cute coffee date. There will be no last-minute panic and it’s something for you both to look forward to. So when life is getting a little bit manic, you will know a date with your bestie is approaching and you can both spill the tea and fill each other in on your lives.

Make a group chat

Ah, the group chat – I think it’s safe to say it saved us all during lockdown! Don’t let life getting back to normal make it go quiet, keep sending each other updates on your lives, or even some cute quotes or funny memes. When there’s a few of you in it, chances are there’s always going to be somebody who has something to say, and it’s the perfect space to catch up and plan a FaceTime call or lunch date.

Plan surprises

Probably the most fun idea, a little surprise is always a good idea! Maybe you will send them a gift when they’re least expecting it, book a dinner date for sometime down the line, or even pop in unexpectedly when you’re on your travels. We can always rely on surprises to keep us all smiling!

There you are, a few tips to keep long-distance friendships alive! We know there are probably loads more, so please inspire us and let us know your top tips.

We hope you enjoyed reading!

Fenella Fox

Fenella Fox

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