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Gift Ideas For Male Frontline Workers

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Our Frontline Workers, we can’t thank them enough! If you have a man in your life who is working flat out on the frontline and you want to show him your appreciation, we have put together some ideas for gifts for male frontline workers so that you can spoil him with a unique and thoughtful gesture.

Work Bag

Work Bag //

Stylish and practical, he can keep all of his belongings in the one place – from his wallet to his stationery!

Water Bottle

Corkcicle Canteen //

A thermal canteen can be kept personal as you can choose the design, and will be a lovely gift as they keep drinks hot, cold and are a practical addition to their work kit. A frontline must-have for when they take some downtime.

Reusable Coffee Cup

Tapio Cup //

Similarly to above, a reusable cup that doesn’t spill is ideal for frontline staff. Drinks stay hot for hours and there’s no need to throw out teas or coffees that have gone cold. Good for the environment and great for busy lives! 

Storage Clipboard

Storage Clipboard //

Help keep them organised with a storage clipboard. Practical and keeping everything they need in the one place. The perfect addition to their work bag.

ID Badge Clip

Dragon Scales ID Holder //

Add an extra personal touch to their ID holder with a badge clip. Unique to the user and adds something a bit different to their scrubs.

Pocket Organsier

Pocket Organiser //

Keep things efficient and organised with a pocket organiser. Making the job that little bit easier by adding some convenience. 

Moisturising Hand Cream

Bergamot & Eucalyptus Hand Cream //

Goodbye dry, cracked hands! A gentle gift for busy hands, they will really cherish moisturising hand balm after those long shifts.

Stress Relief Candle

Leather & Oudh Candle //

After those long days, relaxation is key. A candle makes a thoughtful gift and gives them a reason to unwind.

Lunch Kit

Bento Lunch Box //

Have the whole day in order, even lunch time! A lunch kit means their lunch can be prepared before work which is money saving, time saving and super handy for those busy days.


Not All Superheroes Wear Capes Mug //

Mugs always make a cherished gift, especially when they’re personalised and made with love. He will love this, how unique and thoughtful?

Alarm Clock

Sunrise Alarm Clock //

With several lighting adjustments to help you wake and sleep naturally, we love this alarm clock. No need to keep depending on their smart phone for those early starts, keep it old school and reliable.

Vixi Gift Box

Sending A Big Hug Gift Box //

If you’re stuck for time or looking for the whole package – our ‘Sending A Big Hug‘ gift box may be just the gift you need.

We hope our amazing frontline heroes enjoy their gift, they deserve it!

Melodie Fox

Melodie Fox

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