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Hearts Apart: Reasons You May Decide To Send A Care Package

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2020 will be sure to go down as a memorable one – the year of the global Covid-19 Pandemic. As this is such a strange time, many things have come to a halt, we are missing our loved ones and many people are isolated. At times we may feel powerless, although our current power really lies in our kindness and good hearts during all of this chaos. We’ve noticed that many of you are sending gift boxes to say how much you love and miss people, and we are in awe at all of the love getting shipped around the country. So we decided to gather reasons why you may decide to send a gift box, or anything – big or small, during this time.

Miss You / Thinking Of You

So many people would love to have a girly chat with their mam, hear another dad joke or have a laugh with their friends. A simple gesture like this may be the connection you need to have both of you smiling.

Thank You Gifts

There are so many people out there absolute slaying it! From the medical frontline workers, and the neighbour who is checking in, to the amazing retail workers keeping shelves stocked and the country running. It would be impossible to even try to list all of the people who deserve a mention, but we all know them. A little “Thank You” delivered to their doorstep is a token of appreciation.

Somebody May Be Struggling

Maybe you know an elderly person who is on their own and may be lonely, your bestie is going through a breakup, somebody you know is just out of hospital, a major event has been cancelled, or somebody is feeling incredibly anxious from being stuck indoors for so long. You hold the power to put a smile on their face, even if you just post them their favourite chocolate bar.

A Random Act Of Kindess

This is such a cute idea! Perhaps you send a handwritten letter to each member of the squad or surprise your mam with a little box of goodies. The surprise element of this is so special during a time like this, we may never really know how much it means to someone.

To Give Back

Know someone who has done so much for you? Maybe it’s time to give back! Perhaps she’s the childcare worker helping you out hugely or the delivery driver who is always ready with a smile and radiating all the good vibes.

When You’re Missing Bae

As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. So many couples have been apart for weeks on end and missing each other hugely. If you’re one of these and WhatsApp just isn’t cutting it anymore, no doubt a little handwritten message and box packaged up with all the looooove will have them all sentimental.

Any other unique gifting ideas? We love to hear them!

Fenella Fox

Fenella Fox

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