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What Makes A Good Gift?

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What makes a good gift? We mean, that gift. The one that we’re equally as excited to give as we are to receive. Here at Vixi Gifting, we believe there are a number of things that go into the ingredients for that perfect gift. Keep reading to find out what they are…

Relationship Is Key

Think about who you are gifting and your relationship with this person. Do they love tea? Does a certain product relate to a certain memory? As a gift is built around a relationship, of course it is a key feature. This also makes the process simpler as you can then build the gift around this key product. The most special gifts are the ones that speak to us on a personal level.

Add Something That Can Be Instantly Used

We all love a gift we can get stuck into! Sweet treats, snacks and candles are a great gift for this because they can be used and loved straight away. Sometimes your key anchor item in the gift might not be suitable for immediate use – but the addition of a little usable item creates an instant good vibe moment and you can be sure they won’t ever be on a shelf or left gathering dust for a few weeks. Usability is so important.

The Personal Touch

As we spoke about on the blog last week, the addition of a handwritten message gives a personal touch and takes the gift to the next level. Incorporating that thoughtful element makes the gift that bit more special and the recipient knows that time and care went into it.


Oh we love those extra layers! A lovely gift box, ribbon and gift tag just add something unique and delicate to the gift. It reminds us that gifting is an art form so we really appreciate it that bit more. Imagine receiving a care package like this in the post… how could it not make your day? Taking the time to beautifully present your gift speaks volumes for the thought and care that went into it.

Hope this post has helped you to find that perfect gift. Have we forgotten anything else, what are your gifting ingredients? You can shop our new Just To Say range here.

Fenella Fox

Fenella Fox

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