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Dealing With A Bridezilla: Five Ways to Cope

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Dealing with a Bridezilla can be hard, we get it. I mean, ah, your wedding day, the moment you’ve been dreaming about ever since your first crush awakened you to the feeling that is – love. 

We can all be guilty of stressing while making plans, especially when it’s time to wed the love of our life, but what do you do when you’re not the bride, just a support through her emotional breakdowns?

Well, we’ve known one or two in our time, so here’s our top tips for dealing with a Bridezilla…

  • Don’t take it personally
    Chances are she’s being pulled in so many different directions, she just needs the occasional rant, sob and time away. Anything she might say or do may not be a personal attack, just a build up of emotions. Take it all with a pinch of salt, it just means you’re close enough that she feels comfortable enough to be her true self around you. God love ya.

  • Help her
    Sometimes she might just need someone to help with the little finicky jobs to take the pressure off and make her list a little bit shorter. Become her Pinterest pal, humour her mother-in-law, always have a bottle of wine in your handbag. You know, the essentials.

  • Buy her a Vixi gift box
    Our Boss Bride Box contains a planner, pen, candle and chocolate. If she’s feeling overwhelmed, it will give her a lift and chances are the planner and pen will become a handbag staple. Just a little reminder that she can take on the world after all. Shop it here.

  • Remember why you love her
    Now is NOT the time to throw away your friendship, I repeat NOT the time. Once she’s back from her honeymoon on a Greek Island, she will be super refreshed and back to the woman you know so well. Well, er, we hope anyway.

  • Always keep the kettle full and opinions about fiancée the same as hers
    He might be driving you both up the walls today and be perfect again tomorrow, okay? That’s love and organisation, it’s going to have its up and downs. Keep true opinions to yourself and coffee brewing. Don’t anger it, people. 

Aaaaaand if none of this works, it was nice knowing you!

Fenella Fox

Fenella Fox

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